Customer Service

Customer Service

Consultancy and technical assistance before and after sales

Marly s.r.l. offers a series of tools to assist the customer in both pre-sales and after-sales phases. Thanks to many years of experience in the industrial sectors and the most advanced data processing and processing tools, in the field of mechanics and chemistry, today Marly is able to provide customers with a set of skills and analysis tools with high added value. .


Assistance before sales

In the initial phase of evaluation of the various products, Marly’s technical staff is available to draw up technical reports that allow the customer to compare our solution with that described in the technical specifications. If the specifications are not present, the technical office draws up a proposal on the basis of the data of the installation or of the final user, describing the results that the Marly solution allows to achieve.

See below an example of a technical report performed for a industrial plant :

Report tecnico Marly

Another activity that Marly performs in the pre-sale and promotion phase is the support activity on the territory . In this regard, technical seminars in design studies or consulting departments are regularly carried out in order to highlight the technical advantages of Marly solutions and to help consultants fill in the technical specifications. In this way it is possible to describe the working conditions, the needs of the plant and the relative characteristics of the products.

Assistance after sales

If requested, once the order is acquired, Marly and its staff of engineers can assist the customer during the delicate installation and initial start-up phase of the system. The supervision of these first operational phases ensures the correct operation and delivery of the services established at the time of design. Also in this phase the Marly’s technical staff can carry out training sessions dedicated to the laying teams of the customer or to the local Marly distributor, to guarantee a technical support in the workplace even after the plant has entered in ordinary operational function.

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