Production Process

Marly has a production department able to ensure maximum precision in all its phases: from the processing of the particular spindle to the hydraulic pump test before shipment. No coincidence that Marly is located within the industrial district of Reggio Emilia , where a dense network of suppliers allows the company to locally procure high quality raw components. Thanks to this production process Marly can boast an extensive range of products completely built in Italy.

The machine tool department is able to work with extreme precision all stainless steel alloys, including the most difficult such as Duplex and AISI904. The phases of assembly of mechanical parts and hydraulic testing are performed by highly qualified operators, who have come from a long activity in the industrial hydraulic sector. Each machine, before being packaged for shipping, undergoes a general check by the production engineers, in order to make sure that every production process has been carried out in compliance with the standards established by ISO9001.

Specialist in rising liquids

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