Application sectors

Application sectors

Water, chemical and oil treatment plants

Below are some of the industrial sectors in which Marly pumps have been installed for several years. In many of them Marly has a consolidated know-how of the processes, and is therefore able to provide customers with their experience to ensure the success of the installation and a long-term operation of the pumps .


Water treatment

  • desalination plants
  • water treatment plants post-process and oils
  • reverse osmosis plants (RO)
  • demineralization plants
  • filtration and ultra-filtration plants
  • UV systems

Water distribution

  • aqueducts
  • domestic irrigation systems and sprinklers
  • agricultural irrigation systems in Pivot
  • distribution in the civil and domestic sectors
  • pressurization of water systems

Heavy industry

  • power plants
  • geothermal plants for energy production
  • naval sector
  • oil plants
  • paper industry
  • Mines
  • process plants
  • steel
  • offshore installations for oil and gas
  • boilers supply
  • shipbuilding
  • reclamation plants

Chemical industry

  • food industry
  • sugar factories
  • chemical and petrochemical plants
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • refineries
  • painting plants
  • acrylic fiber production plants
  • fish sector
  • fertilization plants in greenhouses breeding

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