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Civil and industrial water pumps of the highest level

"The interdependence between water resources and energy resources is becoming increasingly pronounced and can become decisive in the choices that underlie all types of development."

Marly is a company that produces centrifugal pumps with years of experience in the industrial sector.

Today Marly is considered a leading player in the water resources and energy sectors, through the design and construction of pumps of excellence in 28 different sectors of application including the naval, food, electrical, energy, oil, paper, chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical. With its italian roots, Marly exports its products all over the world, guaranteeing quality and professionalism always fulfilling the expectations.

Mission and Strategy

Speed & Cutting-edge Technologies

Excellent materials and performance are the standard for Marly. The products are totally customized to individual customer specifications, while guaranteeing the quality and solidity of an industrial reality with the guarantee of the Made in Italy brand. Maximum assistance is guaranteed for each product from the design phase.

Maximum expertise applied to industry. More than 40 years of activity in the production and installation of pumps for the industrial sector mean guarantee and reliability for the customer.