The control phases of the pumps produced

The company has a control structure and a constant improvement plan of production processes that ensures that every industrial pump follows the industry’s most stringent production and control standards. Firstly, the control phases and supplier certification are carried out, in order to guarantee high quality standards for all the materials entering the company. Subsequently, during each mechanical processing phase, the part is checked dimensionally, both with traditional instruments and with computerized systems for the most complex parts.

The final phase of hydraulic performance control is carried out by means of tests performed on 100% of the pumps produced. The tests are static and can reach up to 150 bar pressure for some models; they can also be dynamic for measuring the real performance of the pump and the motor. On request we can perform tests on materials, vibration, balancing, noise and bearing temperatures. Finally, on each pump is placed a plate that shows a unique identification code, which guarantees the traceability of raw materials, parts worked, checks carried out and people involved in the production process.

Specialist in rising liquids

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