Training & Trading

Training & Trading

Design, approval and selection of hydraulic machines

Marly has a technical training and dissemination program dedicated to its distributors, partners and customers; in addition to this we organize seminars dedicated to consultants, designers and engineers who are involved in the design, approval and selection of hydraulic machines . This area of activity allows to make available to these groups of professionals the most important technical information of the products, the experience gained in the field and the know-how of specific applications. The goal that we want to pursue is to:

  • adequately prepare our distributors working in the field, in order to ensure support to the final customer during the promotion, supply and installation of the appropriate products.
  • Provide consultants and design agencies with the technical information necessary to draw up technical design specifications .
  • Support our Distributors Partners in the initial stages of technical approval of products in projects and public tenders highlighting the technical benefits and benefits that the Marly pumps can offer.
  • Promote Marly products with dedicated technical seminars at institutional bodies.


Seminars in place on products and their applications

With periodic deadlines are held in the update seminars on Marly products and their applications. These are occasions in which participants contribute by bringing and sharing their market experiences, the needs of end customers and new trends and market demands.

  • Technical training in place for the maintenance and repair of dedicated to staff for technical assistance. With these courses the repair teams are trained, which on site assist the final customer, in repairs, troubleshooting and planned maintenance.
  • Training on-site repair and maintenance of products for teams and repair shop personnel . Our engineers periodically visit our customers and distributors to supervise the installations, to train on the correct installation, management and maintenance procedures of our pumps.
  • Technical design seminars and local information dedicated to consultants and engineers of various public and private bodies . These are important events for the technical disclosure of our solutions, for the approval of our Marly products to the local authorities and the promotion of the brand to the institutional bodies.
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