Where there's water
there's Pentax

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Logo Pentax Waterpumps
Domestic / Residential / Industrial / Irrigation

Over the years, the company has set up an organisation able to adequately support business activities, with an extensive network connecting it to companies already operating on the market and strengthening its ability to face up to the hidden threats posed by the global economy.

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Logo Foras
Domestic / Residential / Industrial / Irrigation

Foras is a company specialized in the design, production and marketing of electric water pumps for domestic, residential, irrigation and industrial use.

Founded in 1990, Foras has over a decade of experience that allows it to touch the most important areas of use in fluid handling, and to respond with ad hoc solutions to the greater demands of the market.

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Logo Marly

Excellent materials and performance are the standard for Marly. The products are totally customized to individual customer specifications, while guaranteeing the quality and solidity of an industrial reality with the guarantee of the Made in Italy brand. Maximum assistance is guaranteed for each product from the design phase.

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