Self priming pumps CAM/JA: new 50N, 75N and 80N models now available

The self-priming pump CAM “N” (Pentax) /JA (Foras) is an ideal solution for water supply in a home-residential environment. It can be used for pressurising the home plant as well as for gardening.

Compared to its previous model, the “N” version, in addition to a first expansion of the range, has introduced the best performance as well as a greater suction capacity.

Since today, following a process of continuous improvement of our products, the range is also enriched with models 50N, 75N (Pentax) and 80N (Foras).

These are variants of 0.6 and 0 8 Hp respectively, designed specifically for those who need to manage small applications, without sacrificing the quality and efficiency of the CAM/JA pumps.