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What is it

AquaDomus is an integrated ‘Plug&Play’ system to

Manage water pressurization for domestic and residential applications.


It consists of a Pentax multistage pump, a permanent magnet synchronous motor, an electronic inverter control, an expansion tank, a no return valve and a pressure sensor. The electronic control (E-IPFC) manages the operation of the system to mantain the pressure constant even if the conditions of use changes. Thus Aquadomus is only operated when and what is needed avoiding useless energy waste and extending life of the components connected to the system.

How it works

AquaDomus is only operated

When and what is needed avoiding useless energy waste


the pressure of the system is constantly monitored by the pressure sensor that sends the control signal to the inverter in the AquaDomus; in the event of a water- request, the sensor detects the simultaneous pressure drop of the system and activate the start of the pump to restore the set pressure.
Similarly, in the case of zero flow, the inverter detects an immediate and contextual pressure rise, slowing it down in for maintaining the set pressure, a process which, in the absence of water demand, continues until the AquaDomus stops.


  • Adaptable performances

    The extreme flexibility of the AquaDomus pressu- rization unit offers the user an infinite combination of pressures and flows within the working range with a maximum pressure of 6 bar and a flow of 5.4 m3/h

  • Energy Saving

    Thanks to the frequency modulation of the inverter, the unit constantly supplies the specific water request, guarantaining substantial energy savings; in addition, AquaDomus is equipped with a power limitator so, in its various uses, the unity will never absorbe a power of more than 800W for not having power exceeding the limit of the energy supply contract

  • Easy installation

    The extreme compactness of the unit allows the user to install in any domestic place, the dedicated app allows the user to set up and control continously the units

  • Performance

    Thanks to the frequency control, the multistage pump of AquaDomus group is able to cover a wide range of performances with flow up to 5.4 m3/h and head up to 6 bars

  • Dedicated app

    AquaDomus group can be driven and controlled by a dedicated app “Pentax IPFC” available for Androids and IOS, allowing the possibility to monitor, protect, programming (even remotely) the AquaDomus, showing on line all the working parameters

  • Pressurization system

    A very simple electrical connection allows to put multiple AquaDomus set in parallel, (up to 8 units) to create a pressurization groups without any additional interface card

Control panel

  • Information list

  • 1Red stand-by led
  • Supply voltage

  • 2Green motor running led
  • Working state of the engine (whether running or stationary)

  • 3Yellow alarm led
  • Frequency varies according to the type of alarm

  • 4Motor ON/OFF
  • Starting and stopping the engine

  • 5Green set led
  • Possibility to modify a working parameter

  • 6Up/down buttons
  • Increase or decrease of a set value


  • 1 - Input / Output cable glands
  • 2 - Vent plug
  • 3 - Discharge plug
  • 4 - Delivery pipe
  • 5 - E-IPFC control panel
  • 6 - Electric cable
  • 7 - Pressure tank air connection
  • 8 - Filling plug
  • 9 - Suction pipe
  • 10 - Ground anchoring points

Technical data sheet


Water supply and pressurization system consi- sting of a Pentax multistages pump, permanent magnet synchronous motor, electronic inverter control, expansion tank, non-return valve and pressure sensor



Residential - Comnmercial

Allowed fuids

Clean water, non aggressive, without suspension solids

Tech data

  • Liquid temperature
  • -5 ÷ +35 °C
  • Rated pressure
  • max 7 bar
  • 4 poles synchronous motor with permanent magnet
  • 4200 RPM
  • Input voltage
  • 1~ 230V-50Hz 1~ 220V-60Hz
  • Insulation class
  • F
  • Protection degree
  • IP44

Technical data sheet

Pentax IPFC

App Functionality

  • 1 - Monitor

    Monitoring several operative parameters. Obtaining energy consumption statistics and check alarm history

  • 2 - Program

    Create programs, save them in the archive, copy them to other devices and share them among multiple users

  • 3 - Archive

    Create reports with the ability to insert notes, images and send them by e-mail or keep them in the digital archive

  • 4 - Remote

    Remotely control an AquaDomus via wi-fi or GSM by using a nearby smartphone as a modem

  • 5 - Manuals

    Access manuals and supplementary technical documentation

  • 6 - Guide

    Receive online assistance on parameters and alarms

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